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Sound Propositions
Ukrainian Field Notes - 21 September 2022 - with NFNR

Ukrainian Field Notes - 21 September 2022 - with NFNR

Produced for Resonance FM by Gianmarco Del Re

Second episode of the podcast, with Olesia Onikyienko (NFNR) discussing fundraising and life in Kyiv.

Mishka Ziganoff - Oi oi di Koilen
hspd - Prayer One
Motorpig - Luminous Abyss
NFNR - Dice2
Motorpig - Oscillators of Time
hspd - Yesnoyes
hspd - Crepuscula
NFNR - Dog Rose
I, Iteration - Homeland
hspd - Sorry Dub

To support Ukraine visit: supportukrainenow.org/

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a closer listen
Sound Propositions
Sound Propositions features conversations with artists exploring their creative practices and individual aesthetics, conceived of as a counter-narrative to a dominant trend in music journalism which fetishizes equipment and new technologies. Each episode combines interviews with music, field-recordings, and experimental sound design.
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