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Episode 32: INDISCREET MUSIC - with Patrick Nickleson

Episode 32: INDISCREET MUSIC - with Patrick Nickleson

Patrick Nickleson is the author of The Names of Minimalism: Authorship, Art, Music, and Historiography in Dispute, an academic study that radically reconsiders the origins and boundaries of musical minimalism. Uninterested in searching for the earliest work of musical minimalism, or even in doing the admittedly necessary work of expanding the canon to include lesser known but equally important figures, Nickleson instead underscores a different set of shared traits that he sees in (early) minimalism: the importance of collective authorship, often collaborating in a form of “bandness”; the priority of recording to tape over written scores; and distinguishing between “(early) minimalism” and the later canonization of Minimalism as we know it since the early 1980s. In addition to the book, we discuss searching for obscure records online, our shared love of Constellation Records, and the influence of Tony Conrad.

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - “Steve Reich”


John Cale - “Terry’s Cha-Cha”

[Glenn] Branca - “Lesson No. 3 (Tribute To Steve Reich)”

Terry Riley - “[Excerpt]”

Steve Reich - “Pulses (2)” 

Philip Glass - “Part 5 (Beginning)”

Rhys Chatham & His Guitar Trio All-Stars - “Guitar Trio Pt. 1, Buffalo”

Glenn Branca - “Structure”

Tony Conrad - “Tony Conrad  April 1965”

Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad - “Untitled (recorded October 18, 1968 at Tony Conrad's apartment)”

La Monte Young - “Pre-Tortoise Dream Music”

Tony Conrad - “The Heterophony Of The Avenging Democrats, Outside, Cheers The Incineration Of The Pythagorean Elite, Whose Shrill Harmonic Agonies Merge And Shimmer Inside Their Torched Meeting House [excerpt]”

Tony Conrad with Faust - “From The Side Of Machine”

John Coltrane - “Africa”

GENG PTP - “(alice coltrane)”

Dickie Landry - “Kitchen Solos”

Eliane Radigue - CHRY-PTUS (Version 2006, Giuseppe Ielasi)

Morton Feldman - “Page 1, System 1, Measure 1”

John Coltane (McCoy Tyner solo) - “Naima [excerpt]”

Observer All Stars and King Tubby - “Rebel Dance”

Philip Glass - “Two Pages (For Steve Reich)”

Albert Ayler - “For John Coltrane”

Radiohead - “How To Disappear Completely”

Godspeed - “Deathkamp Drone"

Nicholas Papador and the University of Windsor Percussion Ensemble - "Stasis"

The Noiseborder Ensemble - [Improvisation on A-Ha’s "Take on Me"]  (Live at Media City, Windsor ON, 2009)

The Dream Syndicate with La Monte Young - “Day Of The Holy Mountain (excerpt 2)”

Jon Gibson - “Cycles” (

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - “Fuck Off Get Free (For The Island Of Montreal)”

Ornette Coleman - “Friends and Neighbors (instrumental) / “Friends and Neighbors (vocal)”

Rhys Chatham - “Two Gongs (1971)”

La Monte Young - “B Flat Dorian Blues 19 X 63 (5th day of the Hammer)”

Terry Riley /  Don Cherry “Descending Moonshine Dervishes”

Sonic Youth - “Pendulum Music (Steve Reich, 1968)”

Tony Conrad - “ten years alive on the infinite plain (#1)” [Live at the Kitchen, 1972]

Tony Conrad, “Four Violins (1964)”

Henry Flynt - “You Are My Everlovin”

Catherine Christer Hennix - “The Electric Harpsichord [excerpt]” 

Raven Chacon -  “Singing Toward The Wind Now / Singing Toward The Sun Now” 

Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad / John Cale - “Trance #2”

John Cale - “A Midnight Rain of Green Wrens at the World's Tallest Building”

Angus MacLise / Jack Smith / Tony Conrad - S.O.S. (Ca. 1968)

Mt. Zion - “side one _ sow some lonesome corner so many flowers bloom”

Angus MacLise - “Tunnel Music #2” [1965]

John Cale / Tony Conrad / Angus MacLise / La Monte Young / Marian Zazeela - “Inside the Dream Syndicate Volume I: Day of Niagara”


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