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Episode 31: FREE TIME - with Andrea Belfi

Episode 31: FREE TIME - with Andrea Belfi

Andrea Belfi discusses his latest album, Eternally Frozen, a canon-based composition for percussion, electronics, and brass ensemble. Inspired by a visit to LA’s Museum of Jurassic Technology, Belfi draws upon the story of Deprong Mori, a mythological bat that could use its powers of echolocation to phase through solid matter, before being captured by an American researcher, “eternally frozen” in lead. Movement, circularity, and stasis are all terms that also describe Belfi’s interests as a composer. We discuss his origins in Italy’s punk scene, his time as drummer of the noisy instrumental rock band Rosolina Mar, opening for Thom Yorke, and the development of his unique approach to solo performance as a drummer.


Andrea Belfi - “Golden” [edit 1] (Eternally Frozen, Maple Death, 2023)


Andrea Belfi - “Golden” [edit 2] (Eternally Frozen, Maple Death, 2023)

Andrea Belfi - “Cera Persa 1” (Cera Persa, Latency, 2016)

Andrea Belfi - “Wege B” (Wege, Room40, 2012)

Andrea Belfi - “Ton”  (Ore, Float, 2017)

Thom Yorke - “Atoms for Peace” (The Eraser, XL, 2006)

Four Tet - “Pyramid (Atoms For Peace remix)” (Pink Remixes, Bandcamp, 2014)

Andrea Belfi - “Pulsing” (Eternally Frozen, Maple Death, 2023)

Carla Bozulich - “Pissing” (Evangelista, Constellation, 2006)

Andrea Belfi & Ignaz Schick - “Myth 5” (The Myth Of Persistence Of Vision Revisited, Zarek, 2011)

Steve Reich / Ulrich Krieger (performer) - “Pendulum Music” (An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Fourth A-Chronology 1937-2005, Sub Rosa, 2006)

Andrea Belfi - “Shale” (Strata, Float, 2019)

Steve Reich - “Drumming, Part I” (Works 1965-1995 (Disc 02 - Drumming), Nonesuch, 1997) 

John Zorn / Ennio Morricone - “The Battle of Algiers” (The Big Gundown, Nonesuch, 1986)

Ennio Morricone - “L'Attentato” (C'era una volta il west, RCA, 1969)

Egisto Macchi - “Gare Spatiale” (I Futuribili, Gemelli, 1971)

Egisto Macchi - “Jungla I”(Africa Minima, Anya, 1972)

Vladislav Delay - “Nesso” (Multila, Chain Reaction, 2000)

Vladislav Delay - “Mustelmia” (Tummaa, Leaf, 2009)

Medves [Andrea Belfi, Giuseppe Ielasi, Renato Rinaldi, Riccardo Wanke, Stefano Pilia] - “Untitled” [Figures Side] (Medves, Fringes Recordings, 2004)

Rosolina Mar - “Malpensa Social Club” (Rosolina Mar, Wallace, 2004)

Swell Maps - “Harmony In Your Bathroom” (A Trip To Marineville, Rough Trade, 1979)

Antioch Arrow - “David” (Gems Of Masochism, Amalgamated, 1995)

Clikatat Ikatowi- “Science Fiction Reality” (Orchestrated And Conducted By…, Gravity, 1996)

Antioch Arrow - “Date With Destiny”  (Gems Of Masochism, Amalgamated, 1995)

Drive Like Jehu - “If it kills you” (Drive Like Jehu, Headhunter, 1992)

Clikatat Ikatowi - “Rise and Shine” (River of Souls, Gravity, 1998)

Heroin - “Indecision” [rework] (All About Heroin, Vinyl Communications, 1991)

Hiroshima Rocks - “Walking Like US Maple” (Around Isolation Bus Blues, NO=FI, 2001)

Stereolab - “Metronomic Underground” (Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Elektra, 1996)

Gastr del Sol - “Thos. Dudley Ah! Old Must Dye” (Crookt, Crackt, Or Fly, Drag City, 1995)

Gastr del Sol - “The Japanese Room At La Pagode” (The Japanese Room At La Pagode / May [Split with Tony Conrad], Table of the Elements, 1995)

Rosolina Mar -  “La Bottega Del Krapftwerk” (Rosolina Mar, Wallace, 2004)

Rosolina Mar - “Before And After Dinner” (Before And After Dinner, Wallace, 2005)

Rosolina Mar - “L'ora Di Religione” (Before And After Dinner, Wallace, 2005)

Rosolina Mar - “Mingozo di Mongozo (Claudio Rocchetti Remix)” (Rosolina Mar Meet Trumans Water, Robot Radio, 2007)

Rhythm & Sound - “Trace” (Rhythm & Sound, Rhythm & Sound, 2001)

Andrea Belfi - “Picture Burning” (...a gift for (°!°)..., Afe/Grey Sparkle/et. al, 2004)

3/4hadbeeneliminated - “Loop Recorder in the Patient with Heart Disease” (a year of the aural gauge operation, häpna, 2005)

Andrea Belfi - “Iso” (Ore, Float, 2017)

Andrea Belfi - “Pastorale” (Eternally Frozen, Maple Death, 2023)


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