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Episode 28: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - with Archivio Diafònico

Episode 28: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - with Archivio Diafònico

This episode features Giuseppe Esposito, a Neapolitan musician who runs the tape label Archivio Diafònico, an operation that mostly documents artists who are based in Napoli. The chaotic and bustling capital of the South of Italy undeservedly gets a bad reputation, and the city has a vibrant cultural scene and rich history that is sorely underappreciated. Through a chronicle of his own musical formation and the birth of the label, Esposito constructs a map of the Neapolitan underground scene, with particular attention to noise and improvisation. We also discuss Abidjan Centrale / Partono i Bastimenti, a podcast Esposito produces with Carole Oulato exploring the diverse musical traditions of Africa.


Mario [Gabola] - “Steno, tube, voice and feedback” (Idiolect, Archivio Diafònico/Viande, 2021) 

Eks - “B-side excerpt” (Echo Courts, Archivio Diafònico, 2019)

Grausam Frühjahr - “B-side excerpt” (Ascent/Descent, Toxo, 2011)

Velvet Underground - “White Light White Heat” (live 69)

Tony Conrad and Faust - “From the Side of the Machine” (Outside the Dream Syndicate, Table Of The Elements, 1973/1993)

My Bloody Valentine - “Loomer” (Loveless, 1991)

Gristleism - YouTube Demo (Throbbing Gristle Buddha Machine, 2010)

Weltraum - Sy.1 (Sy, 2009)

A Spirale - “Suriciorbu” (Agaspastik, Fratto9 Under The Sky Records/Viande, 2009)

Elio Martusciello– “For Mario Biserni” (...A Gift For (°!°)..., Afe, Grey Sparkle / Morirermo Tutti/ etc, 2006)

Jealousy Party – "JP Punca For Trombones" (Again, Burp Publications, 2008)

99 Posse - “Curre Curre Guaglió” (Curre Curre Guagliò, Esodo autoproduzioni, 1993)

Toni Esposito - “Rosso Napoletano” (Toni Esposito, Numero Uno, 1974)

One Starving Day  - “Black Star Aeon” (Broken Wings Lead Arms to The Sun, 2005)

Francesco Gregoretti - “Faithful Walking Stick” (Solid Layers Deafening Shapes, 2016)

Motosega (Ottavio Balzano) - “No No No” (NO, 2014)

SEC_ - “Small traces” (Moscaio, Bocian, 2012)

EKS - “Falafel Humpers” (Sedic, 2015)

70fps - “Untitled - Side A” (Campo Catodico, Archivio Diafònico, 2015)

Matar Dolores - “The Great Transformation (Side B excerpt)” (The Great Transformation, Archivio Diafònico, 2014)

False Moniker - Side A (Amidst The Statues, Archivio Diafònico 2019)

Many Others - “Day Two / I”  (Aggression of Paradox, Archivio Diafònico, 2017)

Grizzly Imploded  - Side B (You Are The Way You Face Your Death, Scissor Tale, 2013)

Maurizio Argenziano - “Buio Riflesso” (Privazioni, Joy De Vivre, 2016)

Forest Management - “Porter Creek (Side B Excerpt)” (Porter Creek, Archivio Diafònico, 2015)

Luciano Cilio “Quarto Quadro” [1977] (Dell'Universo Assente, Die Schachtel, 2013)

Liberato - “NUNNA VOGLIO NCUNTRÀ” (CAPRI RDV Ep03, 2019)

Genital Warts - “Cut and Shit (Instrumental)”  (Parappaio, Viande, 2015) 

Giuseppe and Carole talking on the phone from "Capo Verde"- (Partono i Bastimenti - Abidjan Central per Radio Cavone Stereo, 2019)

Antoinette Konan - "Abidjan Adja" (RACINES & RYTHMES, 1995)

Dur-Dur Band - “Dooyo” (Dur-Dur Band Vol 5., 1989)

Zagazougou - “Varietoscope” (La Confirmation, 2000)

Claudio Villa – “Santa Lucia Luntana” (Santa Lucia Luntana / 'O Surdato 'Nnammurato, Vis Radio, 1958)

Salaad Darbi SideB (cassette, Awesome Tapes from Africa, 1970s?)

Co'Sang - “Poesia Cruda (ft. Fuossera)” (Chi More Pe' Mme, Poesia Cruda Dischi, 2005)

Kuupuu (Jonna Karanka)  (Kuupuu / Hilma Glad split, self-released, 2011)

Blood Feud - “Side B Excerpt” (AM Fields, Archivio Diafònico, 2014)

Joseph Sannicandro, “Piano in Colle” (Field Recordings, 2022)

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