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Episode 27: ATTUNEMENT - with Jessica Moss

Episode 27: ATTUNEMENT - with Jessica Moss

Jessica Moss has just released Galaxy Heart, a surprising collection of ten songs that form a companion to last year’s Phosphenes. The Montréal-based composer, violinist, and vocalist recorded the material for both records (and more) during the peak of early pandemic lockdown, allowing her songcraft to take new forms, as well as welcoming collaborators into her solo music for the first time. Moss, of course, is a prolific collaborator, and we have been a fan of her work for over two decades, particularly her 15-year tenure with Silver Mt. Zion. In this episode, Moss dives into the making of her two recent solo albums, the highs and lows of pandemic touring, the return of Black Ox Orkestar,  and her collaborations with Vic Chesnutt and Jem Cohen.

Jessica Moss - “Enduring Oceans” (Galaxy Heart, Constellation, 2022)
JM - “Memorizing And Forgetting” (Phosphenes, CST, 2021)
“UNDER” (Under Plastic Island, self-released, 2015)
“Uncanny Body [Violin Study #1]” (Galaxy Heart, CST, 2022)
“Uncanny Being [Violin Study #2] feat. Thierry Amar and Jim White” (Galaxy Heart, CST, 2022)
Sibelius / (Gil Shaham / Philharmonia Orchestra / Giuseppe Sinopoli)  - “Violin Concerto in D minor, Op47 - 1st movement: Allegro moderato” (Violon Concerto - Violinkonzertev, Deutsche Grammophon, 1993)
Bulgarian Television and Radio Mixed Choir - Mihail Milkov - “Svyatii Bozhe” (Orthodox Chants, Балкантон, 1998)
Black Ox Orkestar - “Golem” (Nisht Azoy = נישט אזױ, CST, 2006)
BOO - “Mizvrakh-mi-maarav” (Everything Returns, CST, 2022)v
KC Accidental / Broken Social Scene medley
ZU - “The Dawning Moon of the Mind” (Jhator, House of Mythology, 2017)
JM -  “Fractals (Truth 1)” (Entanglement, CST, 2018)
Excerpts of David Garland interviewing Silver Mt. Zion (Spinning on Air, WNYC, 2005)
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band - “there’s a river in the valley made of melting snow” (Live on Spinning on Air, WNYC, 2005)
Silver Mt. Zion -  “Hang On To Each Other” (Horses In The Sky, CST, 2005)
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra feat. Ariel Engle - “Any Fucking Thing You Love”  (Hang On To Each Other, CST, 2014)
JM - “Entire Populations (Pt III)” (Pools of Light, CST, 2017)
Vic Chesnutt - medley (North Star Deserter, CST, 2007)
Fugazi - “The Argument” (The Argument, Discord, 2001)
Sarah Davachi -  “Matins” (Gave In Rest, Ba Da Bing!, 2018)
Matana Roberts - “Jewels Of The Sky: Inscription” (Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis, CST, 2019)
Silver Mt. Zion - “Horses in the Sky” (Live on Spinning on Air, WNYC, 2005)
JM - “Opened Ending” (Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series 2020-2021, CST, 2020)
JM - “Opened Ending” (Galaxy Heart, CST, 2022)
Carla Bozulich – “Evangelista I” (Evangelista, CST, 2006)
PJ Harvey - “Hanging In The Wire” (Let England Shake, Vagrant, 2011
Eve Parker Finley - “Alone / Together” (Chrysalia, 2020)
Carla Bozulich - “Prince of the World” (Evangelista, CST, 2006)
Set Fire To Flames – “Barn Levitate” (Barn Levitate, self-released, 2020)
JM - “Enduring Oceans” (Galaxy Heart, CST, 2022)
JM - Distortion Harbour (Phosphenes, CST, 2021)
Sound Propositions is written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Joseph Sannicandro.

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