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Episode 23: HOMEWORK - with Patrick Shiroishi

Episode 23: HOMEWORK - with Patrick Shiroishi

Patrick Shiroishi is a Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist & composer based in Los Angeles, whose 2021 album Hidemi was one of our favorites of the year. A prolific collaborator, Shiroishi can also be heard in various duos, trios, and larger ensembles, including the quartet Fuubutsushi, another group that has been in steady rotation at ACL. In this episode, we reminisce about elementary school concert band and Third Wave ska, discuss his introduction to various modes of improvisation, and explore his love of black metal. Shiroishi also unpacks the importance of family history and ancestry to his work, particularly against the recent rise in anti-Asian racism. And as live performances pick up again, he  looks back on how the pandemic turned him into an unlikely proponent of online collaboration.

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Patrick Shiroishi - “nerves of human life” (black sun sutra, Weird Cry Records, 2013)


Patrick Shiroishi - “眼には眼を”[excerpt] (Eye For An Eye, Armageddon Nova, 2020)

Skankin' Pickle - “Turning Japanese” [flip] (Sing Along With Skankin' Pickle, Dill Recorda, 1994)

Deerhoof - “The Perfect Me" (Friend Opportunity, Kill Rock Stars, 2007)

Blonde Redhead - “Misery is a Butterfly” (Misery is a Butterfly, 4AD, 2004)

Patrick Shiroishi - “Tomorrow Is Almost Over” (Descension, Thin Wrist, 2020)

John Coltrane - “Ascension I” (The Major Works Of John Coltrane, GRP, 1965/1992)

Corima – “Amaterasu V” (Amaterasu, Soleil Zeuhl, 2016)

Upsilon Acrux - “Old Dusk Seas: Odyssey” (Sun Square Dialect, New Atlantis, 2015)

Patrick Shiroishi - “To Kill A Wind-Up Bird” (Hidemi, American Dreams, 2021)

Patrick Shiroishi - “never again is now” (i shouldn't have to worry when my parents go outside, 2021)

Patrick Shiroishi  Rob Magill Duo  - “Picture Paintings” (Eyes in the Dirt, Weird Cry, 2018)

Patrick Shiroishi - “What Happens When People Open Their Hearts”  (Hidemi, American Dreams, 2021)

John Coltrane & Rashied Ali - “Saturn” [1967] (Interstellar Space, Impulse!, 1974)

Thomas Ankersmit, Taku Sugimoto, Nakamura, Akiyama “Untitled” (Meeting at Off Site Vol. 1, reset, 2002)

Patrick Shiroishi / Radu Malfatti - “Benkyou” [excerpt] (Benkyou, B-Boim Records, 2020)

Patrick Shiroishi / Radu Malfatti - 勉強 [excerpt] (勉強, 2019)

M. Sage & Patrick Shiroishi - Valley Candle (Wants A Diamond Pivot Bright, 2021)

Fuubutsushi - “Good Sky Day” [excerpt] (Good Sky Day, Longform Editions, 2021)

Patrick Shiroishi & claire rousay - “Brushed Too Hard” (Now Am Found, Mended Dreams, 2021)

Armand Hammer & the Alchemist [verse: billy woods] - “Robert Moses” (Haram, Backwoodz, 2021)

Black Swan - “Descension” (Redemption, Ethereal Symphony, 2013)

Yellow Eyes -  “Cathedral” (Silence Threads The Evening's Cloth, Sol Y Nieve, 2012)

Patrick Shiroishi & Camila Nebbia - “el espacio entre el lenguaje / 言語の間” (The Human Being as a Fragile Article, 2021)

Chris Williams - “Live” [excerpt] (Live, 2022)

Patrick Shiroishi & Noel Meek - “Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets” [excerpt] (Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets, 2021)

Patrick Shiroishi & Dylan Fujioka “in the frame of incarceration” (No
No 2 / のの 二, 2022)

Patrick Shiroishi - “Beachside Lonelyhearts”  (Hidemi, American Dreams, 2021)

Patrick Shiroishi - “Be a Lion, I Will Still Be Water (Sparrow's Tongue, Fort Evil Fruit, 2018)

Patrick Shiroishi - “the soothing thought that spring from human suffering” (White Sun Sutra, 2014)

LTJ - "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads" (All My Best Friends Are Metalheads/The Disintegrators 45", Fueled by Ramen, 1999)

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