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Episode 19: UNFOLLOW ME - with La Meme Young

Episode 19: UNFOLLOW ME - with La Meme Young

Max Alper is best known for La Meme Young, his popular Instagram account turning niche experimental music jokes into dank memes. But a deep interest in music pedagogy is at the heart of everything Alper does, including his non-profit Sonic Arts For All!, an organization that puts music technology directly into the hands of K-12 and special needs students. We talk about the importance of creativity, memes as pedagogy, the limits of traditional music education, and how to democratize music technology.

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Peretsky – “Pase que lo que” (Bandcamp, 2019)

George Clinton (RBMA, 2015)

Parliament – “Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication” (Mothership Connection, Casablanca, 1975)

SP Intro

Peretzky – “Cuarentena Canovanas (edit)” (Cuarentena Canovanas, Bandcamp, 2020)

Konono N°1 – “Lufuala Ndonga” (Congotronics, Crammed Discs, 2004)

Eddie Palmieri – “Bilongo” (El Lunatico / Bilongo, Tico, 1968)

DJ Riobamba Latin LDN #2 (Boiler Room, 2019)

Valentine - Odysseus Matrix (SAFA!, 2020)

Les Filles de Illighadad – “Eghass Malan” (Eghass Malan, Sahel Sounds, 2017)

Francis Bebey – Sahel (African Electronic Music 1975
, Born Bad, 2011)

George Lewis & Douglas Ewart - “Homage to Charles Parker” (Live at Palasport, Novara, Italy, November 11, 1978)

Extra Life –“Strong Brother, Weak Brother (Laurel Halo remix)” (Ripped Hearts, Last Things, 2010)

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir – “Lux Aurumque” (2010)

Angélica Negrón – “Soundscape Backing Track”  (by Audiopuerto / Ariel Alvarado & Manuel Vázquez) (Marejada, 2020)

Angélica Negrón – “Excerpt” (Gray Sound Sessions, July 21, 2020)

Mike Huckaby - " Wavetable No 9” (My Life With The Wave EP, S Y N T H 2007)

Maria Chavez – “Sara Sleeps” (2020)

Mauthausen Orchestra – Side A (They Never Learn, 1983)

Luigi Russolo / DJ Spooky - Corale_FTP _ Bundle_Conduit (Sound Unbound, 2007)

Luigi Russolo – “Veglio di una Citta” [1914) (Dada for Now: a collection of Futurist and Dada Sound Works, 1985)

Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck “live excerpt” (Live @ Basement 414, Lansing, MI, 17 October 2007)

John Cage + Sun Ra – “Empty Words And Keyboard” (John Cage Meets Sun Ra: The Complete Concert  June 8, 1986 Coney Island, Modern Harmonic, 2016)

Pauline Oliveros /Stuart Dempster / Panaiotis “Suiren” (Deep Listening, New Albion, 1989)

Jeremiah Cymerman / Charlie Looker - “I’ll show you what you are” (A Horizon Made Of Canvas, Astral Spirit, 2021)

Greg Fox – “Stone Pillar” (Stone Pillar, Longform Editions, 2019)

Clipping - “Dominoes” (CLPPNG, Sub Pop, 2014)

Manitoba [Caribou] – “Children Play Well Together” (Stop Breaking My Heart, Leaf, 2001)

David Grubbs – “The Chimney Swifts” (Airport Symphony, Room40, 2007)

Wolf Eyes – “Ancient Delay” (Burned Minds, Sub Pop, 2004)

The Mad Lads – “Gone, Promises of Yesterday” (A New Beginning, Volt, 1972)


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