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Episode 17: BEFORE THE INTERNET - with GENG PTP [replay]

Episode 17: BEFORE THE INTERNET - with GENG PTP [replay]

It’s  been a tough year for New York. This episode we check in with GENG, the  man behind one of our favorite labels, Purple Tape Pedigree, and see  how these fine “purveyors of weaponized media and information” are  handling the pandemic and the uprisings. With live performance no longer  an option, the model of mutual support demonstrated by a crew like PTP  is all the more important. GENG tells us about the history of PTP, the  benefits of peer-support, community activism, and why it’s more  important now than ever to understand hip hop as spiritual music.

Interview recorded between Montreal and Queens, May 2020 and January 2021
Produced and mixed in Montreal, February 2021

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Milford Graves with Sunny Morgan ‎–  – “Nothing 19” (Percussion Ensemble, ESP Disk, 1965)
Raekwon/RZA – “Ice Cream (instrumental)” (Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, Loud, 1995)
Amani + King Vision Ultra – “An Unknown Infinite” (An Unknown Infinite, PTP, 2020)
King Vision Ultra – “excerpts from B Side” (Pain of Mind, PTP, 2018)
Amani + King Vision Ultra – “Guillotine” (An Unknown Infinite, PTP, 2020)
Milford Graves, Marshall Allen, Henry Grimes – “(live excerpt)” (Angel Orensanz Center / Arts for Art – 4 Dec 2012)
GENG – “Iron Man (Chopped _ Slowed by GENG)” (Screwing Yourself To Live:  A Chopped & Slowed Tribute To Black Sabbath, PTP, 2012)
YATTA – “Bliss” (WAHALA, PTP, 2019)
Dis Fig – “Excerpt” (An Atypical Brain Damage, PTP, 2018)
Moor Mother – “This Week (Feat. GENG)” (The Motionless Present, Fear Anger Love, 2017)
King Vision Ultra – “Excerpt” (QUATTRO (death circus), PTP, 2020)
Amani + King Vision Ultra – “Scrapes (Feat. ELUCID)” (An Unknown Infinite, PTP, 2020)
Monie Love – “Monie in the Middle” (Live at the Apollo, 1990)
Amani + King Vision Ultra – “Monie Said So (Prod. Nick Hakim)(Feat. Monie Love)” (An Unknown Infinite, PTP, 2020)
Queen Latifah – “Ladies First (Feat. Monie Love)” (All Hail the Queen, Tommy Boy, 1989)
Amani + King Vision Ultra – “Monie Said So (Prod. Nick Hakim)(Feat. Monie Love)” (An Unknown Infinite, PTP, 2020)
Cannibal Ox – “Stress Rap (instrumental blend)” (The Cold Vein, DefJux, 2001)
DREAMCRUSHER – Excerpt from B-side (Panopticon!, PTP, 2020)
Kepla & DeForrest Brown Jr – “Reflex and Bone Structure.” (Absent Personae, PTP, 2017)
Mobb Deep – “[The Grave Prelude]/Cradle To The Grave (instrumental)” (The Infamous, Loud, 1995)
billy woods – “Dirge (Feat. Vordul Mega)” (Camouflage, Backwoodz, 2003)
Ennio Morricone – “Paura E Aggressione (Short Version)” (Crime And Dissonance, Ipecac, 2005)
Bad Brains – “I Luv I Jah” (I Luv I Jah, Alternative Tentacles, 1982)
Moor Mother & billy woods – “Giraffe Hunts” (BRASS, Backwoodz, 2020)
Madvillain – “America’s Most Blunted (instrumental blend)” (Madvillainy, Stones Throw, 2004)
Public Enemy – “Leave This Off Your Fuckin' Charts (instrumental)” (Fear of a Black Planet, Def Jam, 1990)
Negativland – “A Nice Place To Live” (Points, Seeland, 1981)
Brand Nubian – “Step to the Rear” (One For All, Elektra, 1990)
RZA – “Banister Fight” (Kill Bill Vol. 1 OST, Maverick, 2003)
Giuseppi Logan Quartet – Bleecker Partita (The Giuseppi Logan Quartet, ESP Disk, 1965)


Sound Propositions is written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Joseph Sannicandro.

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