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ACL mix for Secret Thirteen [bonus]

ACL mix for Secret Thirteen [bonus]

I'm still swamped with work, especially now that the semester has begun. New episodes will arrive later this fall. Until then, here is another bonus mix. It's probably my favorite mix I've ever done, made for Secret Thirteen, originally published in December 2014.

S13 founder Justinas Mikulskis writes:

“Secret Thirteen 139” is a picturesque and unique mix composed by Joseph Sannicandro. This mix is like a truly precious musical treasure every die-hard music lover could be searching for ages. In this over 1 hour long musical mosaic Joseph connects 55 pieces by his beloved and inspirational artists such as Tim Hecker, Vladislav Delay, Jon Hassell, Giuseppe Ielasi, Hue, Nicola Ratti, Machinefabriek, Klaus Schulze, MB, Steve Roden and many others, to form a complex, but at the same time a delightful soundscape. The opening and closing recordings by his The New Objective project tightly binds the overall mix’s concept and mood.

The mix radiates a strange musical luminosity, which guides the mind and the soul to the pure infinite satisfaction even when it is played in complete darkness. Divine ambiance, unexpected twists between music genres, fluid melodies and harmonious and thoughtful attitude to even the smallest details bring this mix to another dimension, a dimension where the nature meets man and his fundamental desire to perceive cosmos. As Joseph whispered, the mix could stand in parallel with Giuseppe Penone’s metaphorical sculpture “The Hidden Life Within“. And it’s quite a good example, because both, mix and sculpture, are based on the magical and fantastic groundwork, also the form, which could not be replicated.

In the beginning we asked Joseph to interpret the outer space theme with his mix through his own perspective, but in the end the recording expanded into a much deeper, more metaphysical exploration of the whole universe with all it’s phenomenons and wonders. Please, take a moment to read Joseph’s keen comment about the mix.

Read more about the mix, including tracklisting:



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